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Dawn in Relevant magazine, May 2007.






Even if you don't read Polish, you'll want to visit just to look at the pictures!

From Washington Post to higher calling: Dawn interviews Sister Marla Marie Lucas for

How high is the high cost of free love? Dawn gives The Australian an estimate. welcomes columnist Dawn Eden, who explores "Eve of Deconstruction: Feminism and John Paul II."

Dawn gives viewers of NBC's Today The Thrill!

The Thrill goes Down Under as Dawn speaks to Australian online magazine MercatorNet.

On Ireland's Radio 1, popular morning-radio host Ryan Tubridy quizzes Dawn about The Thrill. (Streaming audio ink; interview starts about 25 minutes in.)

Chastity is on the line as Dawn takes listeners' calls on Catholic Answers (MP3 download available).

Dr. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, interviews Dawn on Salem Radio Network. (MP3 download available.)

The United Methodist Reporter talks out of church with Dawn.

Our Sunday Visitor calls on Dawn to discuss "the rotten fruits of the sexual revolution."

The chastity message goes 100 percent Colombian as an essay by Dawn is translated into Spanish for El Espectador.

She's a rebel! Beliefnet interviews Dawn for its "Dating Week" series.

It gets pretty steamy, but is "hot tub fellowship" deep? Dawn and ScrippsNews columnist Terry Mattingly test the waters of modern churches' youth efforts.

Somebody up there likes Dawn—Canada's National Post features her op-ed piece, "Between My Sheets, A Lonely World. "

The former rock historian continues her own British invasion with a first-person (and singular) opinion piece in the Sunday Times of London.

Well-spoken from Hoboken: the Hudson Reporter crowns Dawn "pop culture queen."

National Review Online quizzes Dawn on everything from Star Trek to Sex and the City.

Check out Dawn's glowing interview with Radiant.

Rising star Dawn shows up on Radar. With new glamour photos!


Prof. Mary Kassian of Southern Baptist Seminary reviews The Thrill of the Chaste.

Candice Watters of Boundless Webzine calls The Thrill "a powerful counter-script to the hyper-sexualized lifestyle...…exactly the kind of inspiration I longed for when I was single."

TownHall's LaShawn Barber calls Dawn "rebelliously chaste."

A First Things first: Erin M. Palazzolo reviews Dawn's book.

Lauren Winner, the woman who brought you The Naked Truth About Chastity, reviews Dawn's book for Christianity Today.

Brian Killian of Catholic Exchange and the Atlantic Catholic finds Dawn following in Augustine's foosteps.

Moral theologian Pia de Solenni of The American Spectator takes a long, thoughtful look at Dawn's concept of "the singular woman."

Duck and cover! Blogcritics calls The Thrill of the Chaste "a heat-seeking missile of reality," and Mark Kelly calls it "the opening salvo of a new sexual revolution!"

Dawn's (formerly) local newspaper, The New York Times, weighs in with a review.

The Thrill of the Chaste is the National Catholic Register's weekly book pick.

The Thrill hits the shelves of In the Library Reviews, and Dawn chats with the librarian.


The Thrill makes waves down under with a push from columnist Caroline Overington in The Australian.

Fox News religion correspondent Lauren Green gets The Thrill and examines "The Pressures of Sex Influencing the Quest for Love."

The New York Sun calls Dawn "a celebrity with a spine."

Chastity in the U.K.? Dawn's debate with Virginia Vitzthum in New York draws an Observer from across the pond.

Snarkier-than-thou Gawker rubbernecks at Dawn's video (naughty language alert).


"Why would a thirtysomething modern woman give up sex? At the heart of The Thrill of the Chaste is this mystery story which as it unfolds reveals our deep human longing for a love that matters, for a sexual union that is real. A brave, beautiful book."
Maggie Gallagher, President, Institute for Marriage and nationally syndicated columnist"

"Eden is fearless about sharing details of her personal life so that others might learn from her mistakes. Her story, told with breezy wit and peppered with literary and pop-culture references, makes for an eye-opening and persuasive witness."
Robyn Lee, National Catholic Register

"The Thrill of the Chaste is a book by one who has been there.  It's a book for anybody who has the brains to see that America's present sexual ethos is a con job resulting in a herd of isolated ciphers all alike in their loneliness and sense of exploitation.  Dawn Eden knows that the only really exciting, love-filled, and happy life is one that embraces Chesterton's great battle cry, 'Break the conventions! Keep the Commandments!'"
Mark P. Shea, Senior Content Editor,

"I can't say I agree with everything in it or 100% with the overall message, but there were some parts of it that I really liked and related to, especially the chapter on 'Becoming a Singular Sensation.' As a single woman myself, Dawn's given me a lot to think about."
Rachel Kramer Bussel, author and Village Voice "Lusty Lady" columnist

"BUY THIS BOOK! So much more hip than 'Sex And The City'... Dawn Eden takes you on a journey that delivers far more than it promises. Not only does Eden deliver a truth-based foundation for what single women are ultimately looking for, she does so in an ever-so-New York, transparency that shows she has nothing to hide. Dawn's advice to the single woman in today's world is laced with grit you will not find anywhere else. I know, because single women call my show everyday looking for the wisdom that Eden dispenses! With better writing and far more spunk than Carrie Bradshaw, Eden proves a worldview based in unrelenting honesty is the only true way to find out for herself what a woman truly needs! Buy a copy of this book for every single woman you know. They will thank you for it!"
Kevin McCullough, award- winning talk-show host, WMCA-AM 570, New York City, and author, MuscleHead Revolution

"A remarkable record of conversion, written by New York's hippest downtown scripture-quoting blog darling. Move over, St. Augustine!"
James Panero, Managing Editor, The New Criterion